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هناك حقيقة مثبتة منذ زمن طويل وهي أن المحتوى المقروء لصفحة ما سيلهي القارئ عن التركيز على الشكل الخارجي للنص أو شكل توضع الفقرات في الصفحة التي يقرأها. ولذلك يتم استخدام طريقة

About Us

Al Watania Company

El Watania Company is a company specialized in the field of contracting, chemical supplies and finishing works.Our company relies on the expertise of its specialized engineering and technical cadres and follow the method of scientific implementation with high specifications in all fields, especially in the field of building projects, residential groups and extending electricity networks and all the complementary activities of these projects.
Watania Company for Contracting and Chemical Supplies is characterized as an engineering contracting company managed by young and efficient elements and has the ability to absorb modern technologies and interact with the rapid developments in the field of design and implementation using the latest technologies, machinery and equipment The company works in a large number of engineers, technicians and skilled workers in the specialty of electricity and mechanics And civil engineering, architecture and chemical industry.

Vision of the company

We are committed to Sustainability the execution of our business accurately and professionally, with keep the precious trust of our customers, and we are working to provide the best urban services to them in all sincerity and honesty, using the best types of standard building materials, and provide modern equipment and machinery, and the recruitment of skilled technical personnel to implement our projects.

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The company’s Message

Determined to excellence in all areas of our business according to the philosophy of integrated quality using the technical and financial capabilities and human resources, and the use of the latest technology in the design and implementation of our work technically, financially and administratively, and work to keep pace with the evolution in performance and specifications to reach our goal, which is the maximum degree Customer satisfaction.

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Al Watania Company

Al Watania Company is a company specialized in chemical supplies and systems, fire fighting systems, internal and external finishes and integrated construction works, and you can follow us on our pages.

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42 Al-Labaini Street, Faisal _ Giza _ Egypt.

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